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About started up in October 2017, but was revamped from scratch in August 2021. The general approach will be to handpick any main or niche market where there is notable consumer demand online. Those competing in this market will then be matched against their closest competitors. Introductions will follow for each and customer reviews should help to guide readers to the best solutions. We our ourselves wish to remain impartial and so won’t do this ourselves. We’ll be aiming to build up all sections quickly across the coming months.


StatCounter is used here for web analytics. The data that they present helps us to improve our performance. There are many stats that are made available to study, but just a few of these will be checked on a regular basis. The most obvious one would be the total tally of visits for the current day that can be compared against historic days. Checking on which pages are proving the most popular is also useful to identify trending topics that can be built on further. Then there are posts that aren’t performing well that can then be upgraded. Referring sites is always important to check over. This could be a related site, a search engine or social media platform.

In these early stages, most traffic is likely to be sent via Google search. When a visit does come from a Google search we are not shown which keywords were entered. This has been the case since Google added encrypted to their engine. Some other stats of note are average times spent on pages, desktop vs mobile market share etc. Other than basic server checks and monitoring suspicious IPs, all that has been discussed above is the extent of what is studied. When you do land from a mobile device you will be redirected to an optimised mobile theme. We do recommend desktop visits for the best experience (trending widgets don’t for instance show up on mobiles).

Third Party Ads

You’ll now find adverts on pages that have been added for 2 reasons. The first is naturally to help support our running costs with things like domain & hosting fees, premium plugins, promotion etc. The other reason is to supplement content that would be likely through Google’s AdSense platform. This is handy as it shows relevant ads based on the content scanned. They in turn showcase similar sites to that in discussion. Re: AdSense, Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across the AdSense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.


Analytics and third party adverts are each tracked through the usage of cookies. Any given cookie will attach itself to the user and essentially follow to see which pathway is taken. From within your browser settings you will have the option of imposing restrictions, or completely blocking them, should you wish to do that. We’d not recommend making major alterations since cookies are helpful and are often required depending on the type of site that you visit. On Facebook and Twitter they for instance remember your user names so that they don’t need to be retyped, whilst any type of service that has a shopping cart will always need them to be fully switched on.

Final Notes

This privacy policy will be updated frequently. Last Update: August 8th, 2021.