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MoonpigMoonpig’s launch in summer 2000 went ahead amidst the dot-com bubble and so expectations would have been modest at this point. Who would have thought that several years later they’d dominate the UK’s online greeting card market with a 90% market share! The founder was Nick Jenkins who many people know from his Dragons’ Den stint. Nick Jenkins sold this booming business in 2011 to PhotoBox. Since this £120m deal, PhotoBox have managed to keep flying high. Through this site they sell several thousand cards and a range of gifts. There was close to 3500 results in the birthday section that highlights the excellent choice available whether you’re seeking a personalised or standard design.

With customising when you find a design that you like they’ll allow you to quickly upload images, sometimes effects and the messages. Previews are shown there and then. Deliveries can be sent to your own home or to the birthday boy/girl. Shipping costs are cheap for First Class, but much more expensive when you pick the day. Royal Mail’s Special Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm) charge is £6.50 for 100g weight and so expect ballpark rates. The cut-off times have been marked that shows what time you need to get the order in for it to go out that day. Remember that this runs between Monday and Friday (weekend orders ship on Monday). Some of the companies featured do have retail outlets, but it isn’t clear whether customisation is available in-store.

Moonpig Birthday Card Prices:

– £3.29 (standard), £5.99 (large), £6 for 4 (small)
– £2.79 (standard), £5.99 (large), £6 for 4 (small) ~ (non-personalised)

Shipping: 1st Class: 67p to £1 | Fast-Track: 96p to £1.29 | Special: £6.75 | Saturday: £9.15 | Cut-off (7.30pm)

*Shortly approaching the cut-off time they’ll ask if you’d like to pay extra to catch today’s post. The priced quotes were 96p and £1.29. In the FAQ this however differs as £1.17 to £1.50.

Social Following: 166,600+ (Facebook fans)

Web Rank: #1271 (Alexa UK)

Personalised Birthday Cards | Best Sites Like

Here are 5 of the best Moonpig alternatives (sorted alphabetically)…

👍 Card Factory @

Rank: #9895 | Social: 39,400+

Card FactoryFactory is the sector’s high street juggernaut with over 900 stores across the UK. Clintons is a notable competitor with 360 stores, but they choose not to sell custom greeting cards. Dean Hoyle and his wife Janet started the chain in 1997. Dean Hoyle is also the chairman of Premier League club Huddersfield. This brand has notably donated millions of pounds to Macmillan Cancer Support. Their pricing is also highly competitive with prices starting from just 99p. For reference, they also now own Getting Personal that is well established online (Alexa: #6754).

Card Factory Birthday Card Prices:

– 99p (small), £1.99 (standard), £2.99 (large) ~ (both styles)

Shipping: 2nd Class: 55p to 79p | 1st Class: 64p to 95p | Special: £5.99 | Saturday: £8.99 | Cut-off (6pm)

*Use the promo code (DELFREE20) for free delivery when you spend £20+.

👍 Funky Pigeon @

Rank: #3595 | Social: 52,300+

Funky PigeonFunky Pigeon has been Moonpig’s main online competitor over the years. They have been able to compete with major TV ad campaigns; you may recognise the Pigeon’s voice-over (Will Mellor). The company founder was Richard Pepper who got the ball rolling in 2009. It didn’t however take long for a takeover to go through, when WHSmith acquired the brand in May 2010. In the birthdays section they list around 3500 results that matches the market leader. There is a Funky Pigeon promo code for new customers who can enjoy a 20% discount (doesn’t include shipping). Enter (NEW2C3U5T).

Funky Pigeon Birthday Card Prices:

– £1.99 (small), £3.29 (standard), £5.99 (large)
– £1.79 (small), £2.99 (standard), £5.99 (large) ~ (non-personalised)

Shipping: 1st Class: 67p to £1.01 | Special: £6.75 | Saturday: £8.95 | B4 9am: £12.95 | Cut-off (5pm)

👍 M&S Personalised @

Rank: #149 | Social: 5.2m

M&S PersonalisedRetail giant M&S was established in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. In 1998, the company was the first British retailer to make a pre-tax profit of £1 billion. Their most recent turnover was £10.7b that highlights their tremendous growth. There have been store closures, but even still they still have a network of around 1000. This was the first high street retailer to take on Moonpig when M&S Personalised was launched in 2009. Here they sell over 3000 greeting cards.

M&S Personalised Birthday Card Prices:

– £1.99 (small), £2.99 (standard), £4.99 (large) ~ (both styles)

Shipping: 1st Class: 60p to £1.20 | Cut-off (2pm)

👍 Scribbler @

Rank: #26,894 | Social: 17,500+


Scribbler popped up in the year 1981. Founders Jennie & John Procter have remained in control building up a network of 38 outlets. Scribbler would be our pick of the pack on the design front. This is the place to go if you’re seeking very funny cards with eye catching graphics and fonts. There are some notable deals running that can be mixed together. You can firstly earn a 10% discount on a £4+ spend when entering the Scribbler promo code SCRSUMMERVIBES. You also receive free shipping when you buy 2 cards or more.

Scribbler Birthday Card Prices:

– £2.49 (small), £2.99 (standard), £5.99 (large) ~ (both styles)

Shipping: 1st Class: 60p to 95p | Special: £6.94 to £7.74 | Saturday: £8.72 to £9.52 | Cut-off (2pm)

👍 The Dog’s Doodahs @

Rank: Unranked | Social: 9200+

The Dog's DoodahsThe Dog’s Doodahs is a recognisable sector brand, but the least popular listed as far as web traffic performance. This company has been in business since 2010. The founders (David Greaves and Tony Spooner) have however been in the industry for 30+ years now. Emotional Rescue Ltd was incorporated in 1985 and over time their greeting cards have been sold across many of the leading retailers.

The Dog’s Doodahs Birthday Card Prices:

– £3.39 (standard), £5.99 (large) ~ (both styles)

Shipping: 1st Class: 60p to £1 | Special: £6.75 | Cut-off (2pm)

Pricing Summary: How Did the 5 Best Sites Like Moonpig Compare?

The Card Factory was the cheapest overall solution when customised. For standard sized cards they charged £1.99 (99p in small). Standard sizing often differs, but is generally A5-ish (132x185mm to 148x210mm). In this size tied M&S and Scribbler at £2.99. Moonpig’s £3.29 price was matched by Funky Pigeon and then The Dog’s Doodahs was £3.39. With promotions, Funky Pigeon’s promo discounted to £2.63. Scribbler’s promo requires a £4 spend and so we’d advise buying 2 to qualify for that deal plus free shipping. With every featured solution it makes sense to opt for 1st Class shipping (60p+). As tempting as premium sounds where you pick the day the costs here rocketed. This can’t be helped (Royal Mail charges £6.50+).

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