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SimbaSimba Sleep has been at the forefront of the UK’s mattress in a box craze, managing to lead the charge in a booming industry. James Cox and friends Andrew McClements and Steve Reid formed the company in summer 2015, with the launch following a while later in February 2016. Simba’s progress has been remarkable when you consider that this sector fired up in 2014, with New York’s Casper becoming the major trendsetter. There are 2 mattresses pitched at www.simbasleep.com as well as beds, duvets, pillows and various sleeping accessories. The 2 designs are both hybrids, but we are paying attention here to the central option and not the premium Luxe release that sells from £1299.

Mattresses have historically included springs and natural fibres like cotton and wool. Modern start-ups have instead opted for all foam layers that has included mattress companies like Casper, Hugge, Leesa, Sleepbear etc. We then have hybrids that combine foam and springs, helping to fuse both comfort and support. Delivery is often available next day or in a few days since the mattresses are compressed and arrive boxed (cut-off times are noted below). When shopping for hybrid mattresses you’ll see 100 night trials promoted. This still means payment upfront, but the option for a hassle-free refund is there when not fully satisfied. Don’t forget that 0% finance should be available to spread the cost. Warranties almost always last 10 years. To compare on pricing below we have added examples for S = Single, D = Double, K = King and SK = Super King. EU variant sizes may also be available.

Simba Mattress Prices:

– £399 (S), £599 (D), £699 (K), £799 (SK) ~ Hybrid
– £1299 (S), £1699 (D), £1899 (K), £2199 (SK) ~ Luxe

Finance: 0% with Divido | Offers: Bundled savings

Shipping: £0 (next day) | £0 (old mattress removal) | Cut-off (5pm Mon/Fri & 2pm Sat)

Social: 213,930+ (Facebook fans)

Specs: 4 layers | 25cm deep | 2500 springs (SK)

Rank: www.simbasleep.com: #5751 (Alexa UK)

Hybrid Mattress Brands | Best Sites Like SimbaSleep.com

Here are 5 of the best Simba alternatives (sorted alphabetically)…

👍 1) Emma @ www.emma-mattress.co.uk

Rank: #26,312 | Social: 48,090+

Bruno was the first modern German brand, but Emma would follow and soon enjoy more local success. Max Laarmann established the business in 2015 and the UK expansion followed in 2017. There are 2 Emma mattresses available. Hybrid was the first design and recently followed the 2nd generation model in full foam (this is strangely named Original). The Hybrid’s price was lower, but it has recently been hiked by £100 and so is now more expensive. Emma’s other products include a bed, pillow and a protector.

Emma Mattress Prices:

– £479 (S), £699 (D), £749 (K), £849 (SK) ~ Hybrid
– £429 (S), £649 (D), £699 (K), £799 (SK) ~ Original (non-hybrid)

Finance: 0% with Payolution & Splitit | Offers: 25% on Original only (Enter: JULY25)

Shipping: £0 (1-3 days) | Saturday (£35) | Removal (£35) | See below

Specs: 4 layers | 25cm deep | 2000 springs (SK)

*Order cut-off point isn’t shared, but they close at 5pm (Mon-Fri) and so 2pm would be assumed. Original’s delivery is a little longer at 2 to 5 days.

👍 2) Eve @ www.evemattress.co.uk

Rank: #11,965 | Social: 115,530+

London’s Eve Sleep was formed in late 2014 and they would later launch in February 2015. A large team of founders came together here including Abid Ismail, Felix Lobkowicz, James Fryer, Jas Bagniewski and Kuba Wieczorek. This is Simba’s closest competitor. Both brands interestingly share matched highest mattress review scores on Trustpilot at 95%. There are 3 choices including The Eve and The Light that are full foam. Light’s depth is just 18cm as is the Hybrid that combines springs. This model stops at king size. Beds, pillows, sheets and more is available. Eve’s linen set is a must-buy when bundling. Since 18cm likely means less comfort than usual, adding their Topper can help in adding 5cms (costs £149 to £259).

Eve Mattress Prices:

– £299 (S), £449 (D), £549 (K) ~ Hybrid
– £249 (S), £299 (D), £399 (K), £499 (SK) ~ The Light (non-hybrid)
– £349 (S), £599 (D), £699 (K), £799 (SK) ~ The Eve (non-hybrid)

Finance: 0% with Close Brothers Retail Finance | Offers: £100 to spend on other products (Enter: WHYNOT)

Shipping: £0 (3 days) | Next day (£10) | Removal (£35) | Cut-off (1pm Mon/Thu & 12pm Fri)

Specs: 2 layers | 18cm deep | 713 springs (K)

*Light model has the same layer and count, but no coils. The Eve has 3 layers and 24cm height. Codes aren’t valid with finance or with The Light. Unfortunately, a recent 25% discount has expired.

👍 3) Hyde & Sleep @ www.hydeandsleep.com

Rank: #97,546 | Social: 2450+

Established by Andrew Tyler in 2016, Hyde & Sleep is owned by retail giant Dreams. They have a huge network of approx 195 stores nationwide. A single design is available, but there are 3 firmness modes to choose between of Medium, Firm and Very Firm. A bed frame and pillow can also be ordered. Obviously Dreams is the ideal place to head to for extensive product collections, especially for low price beds.

Hyde & Sleep Prices:

– £499 (S), £599 (D), £699 (K), £799 (SK) ~ Hybrid Plus

Finance: 0% with Barclays Partner Finance | Offers: 1 pillow (single) or 2 pillows (double+). Codes automatically added.

Shipping: £0 (5 to 7 days) | Removal (£23 to £38) or Frame removal (£23) | Cut-off (1pm Mon/Fri)

Specs: 3 layers | 25.3cm deep | 2000 springs (K)

*No 100 night refund trial is provided. They instead offer the option to exchange within 40 nights. Delivery time is estimated and based on slots available. Some extras such as Saturday deliveries weren’t selectable at checkout. The spring count is only quoted for king and not super.

👍 4) Otty @ www.otty.com

Rank: #26,212 | Social: 21,080+

Otty is the brainchild of Michal Szlas who launched his start-up in July 2016. Whilst arriving later on the scene, this hasn’t stopped this Leeds-based venture from thriving in the space. Other than the main product they have released a pet bed as well as pillows. This company delivers competitive value and rates very favourably on Trustpilot at 93%.

Otty Mattress Prices:

– £349.99 (S), £449.99 (D), £549.99 (K), £649.99 (SK) ~ Hybrid

Finance: 0% with DivideBuy | Offers: 2 pillows for double+ (Enter: FREEPILLOWS)

Shipping: £0 (next day) | £20 (Sat & Sun) | Removal (£30 or £50 weekend) | Cut-off (2pm Mon/Fri)

Specs: 4 layers | 25cm deep | 2400 springs in SK

*The promotion for single mattresses notes 1 pillow, but this didn’t work at checkout.

👍 5) Sleeping Duck @ www.sleepingduck.com

Rank: Unranked | Social: 30,120+

Aussie brand Sleeping Duck is famed for their Shark Tank appearance where they turned down the deal. Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne developed the company in 2014 and they have enjoyed great success in Australia, but not so much locally where they have been active since 2015. Mattresses are only sold here with there being no no frames, pillows etc. A nice touch is the ability to choose between Medium or Firm. A trial perk is that other than a refund you can exchange between these grades or even go half and half that may suit couples. The design itself differs to the competition with the springs sitting in the base.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Prices:

– £399 (S), £549 (D), £649 (K), £749 (SK) ~ Hybrid

Finance: 0% with Divido | Offers: £50 discount (Enter: JUL50)

Shipping: £0 (5 days) | 2-man (£29)

Specs: 4 layers | 30cm deep | 896 springs (SK)

*No notes.

Pricing Summary: How Did the 5 Best Sites Like Simba Compare?

The Simba mattress is priced at £399 (single) up to £799 (super). Otty compares the best since they charge £349.99 or £649.99. That’s quite a difference in super and they also throw in 2 pillows worth £109.98 combined. Other key points are that their spring count of 2400 sits close to Simba’s 2500. Free next day delivery is also included and for £20 you can receive on Saturdays or Sundays. Their finance partner (DivideBuy) also promotes a 96% approval rate. Eve’s budget model costs just £299 in single, but with a single Topper (£149) the total would be £448. However, with their £100 offer this discounts to £348. Their wide selection of sleeping products and top reviews make them another excellent alternative.

Sleeping Duck’s starting price is £399 that lowers to £349 with the saving. Only Emma’s non-hybrid option qualifies for the promo (£429 to £321.75) and so otherwise you pay £479 in single. Hyde & Sleep is more expensive at £499, but they have been attracting high praise from buyers and the wide selection of beds via Dreams are worth checking out especially with the summer sales running. Overall, it is Eve and Otty that stand out of the 5 suggestions posted. The great reviews and the competitive value just edges it, but all 5 alternatives alongside the market leader ships high quality mattresses that will have you counting down the hours until bedtime.

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