Doorstep Loans Guildford: Surrey, South East

🚪 Doorstep Loans Guildford: Surrey, South East

Bullfrog Productions Guildford


Guildford measured as Surrey’s largest town at 85,000 against Woking’s 63,000. Both towns have larger populations when factoring the boroughs that covers Guildford’s (150k+) and Woking’s (100k+). These towns stand out in the county, whilst the other locations are small noting Esher, Ewell, Walton-on-Thames etc. This town has been a popular hub for major businesses including Allianz, Colgate-Palmolive, Ericsson, Philips Electronics and Sanofi. It is however gaming that grabs the headlines and this has brought with it the title of the “Hollywood of Video Games”. Locals include Criterion Games, Hello Games and Media Molecule, but the now closed Bullfrog Productions is perhaps the most famous, having produced Theme Park, alongside Dungeon Keeper, Magic Carpet, Populous and Syndicate.

Doorstep Loans in Guildford, Surrey, South East

This may be a popular destination for business and gaming giants, but due to the small county size it isn’t an ideal location for doorstep lenders to target for leads. With this in mind, we didn’t expect to see many options popping up on our postcode checks. These checks were undertaken across Guildford’s postcodes that spans between the range of GU1 and GU5. As it turned out, just 2 lenders in fact stepped forward to offer local coverage and these were the regular appearances from Loans at Home and Morses Club. This didn’t turn out to be a fluke as we also analysed Woking’s postcodes and the same pair were again the only options.


Guildford Doorstep Loans (Sorted by Alexa Rankings)

Brand + Alexa Rank

1) Morses Club | #330,201

/£200 Price (35w)
£150 = 0.306% daily (#2)
Borrow (Existing)
£300 to £1000 (£100 to £1500)
35 to 52 weeks
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri (8.30am to 6pm)
England (all 9 regions), NI, Scotland & Wales

Morses Club Loans

Brand + Alexa Rank

2) Loans at Home | #6,416,095

/£200 Price (34w)
£140 = 0.294% daily (#1)
£100 to £600
14 to 34 weeks
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri (8am to 6pm)
England (all 9 regions), Scotland & Wales

Loans at Home Loans


* traffic rankings are used to sort listings
*Comparison prices are shown for closest term to 35 weeks that is the industry norm
*These prices are calculated as daily rates & then rounded to 3 decimal places
*Population stats as of 2019 (Wiki) are referenced
*You would need to reloan to access the sampled £200 with Morses

Last Update: September 10th, 2021.