Doorstep Loans Brighton & Hove: East Sussex, South East

🚪 Doorstep Loans Brighton & Hove: East Sussex, South East

Brighton Palace Pier


The South East is the UK’s most populated region and of the 9 counties within it Brighton and Hove tops the population chart. This key city of East Sussex has just over 290,000 residents that sits some way ahead of Eastbourne (115,000+) and Hastings (93,000+). This city also stands out in the county as being a tourist hotspot. Brighton Palace Pier is one such destination of note that opened back in 1899 and is home to fairground rides, bars, restaurants and stunning views. An estimated 4.6 million people visit the Pier each year. Then of course Brighton’s Premier League status brings its own army of locals and visitors on Saturdays, with The Amex (Falmer Stadium) welcoming over 30,000.

Doorstep Loans in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, South East

Across this city there are just 4 postcodes that includes BN1, BN2, BN3 & BN41. There was little difference when searching across these codes and just 3 such firms in total popped up across the range. As was expected, the sector’s biggest firms (Loans at Home and Morses Club) extended to coverage. The 3rd entry was Owen Roy Pickering who don’t make things easy by not having a website where you can directly apply from. We expected to see more entries in this listing although other local counties across the region themselves didn’t attract large lender counts. The highest count saw a tie at 6 that included Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and Oxford in Oxfordshire.


Brighton & Hove Doorstep Loans (Sorted by Alexa Rankings)

Brand + Alexa Rank

1) Morses Club | #330,201

/£200 Price (35w)
£150 = 0.306% daily (#3)
Borrow (Existing)
£300 to £1000 (£100 to £1500)
35 to 52 weeks
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri (8.30am to 6pm)
England (all 9 regions), NI, Scotland & Wales

Morses Club Loans

Brand + Alexa Rank

2) Loans at Home | #6,416,095

/£200 Price (34w)
£140 = 0.294% daily (#2)
£100 to £600
14 to 34 weeks
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri (8am to 6pm)
England (all 9 regions), Scotland & Wales

Loans at Home Loans


NA) Owen Roy Pickering | No Website

/£200 Price (28w)
£80 = 0.204% daily (#1)
£100 to £1000
25 to 28 weeks or 5 to 10 months
Opening Hours

England (London & S-East)

Owen Roy Pickering Loans


* traffic rankings are used to sort listings
*Comparison prices are shown for closest term to 35 weeks that is the industry norm
*These prices are calculated as daily rates & then rounded to 3 decimal places
*Cross is marked for unknown product information
*Population stats as of 2019 (Wiki) are referenced
*Product details are unconfirmed when there’s no site (details from external sources)
*First time borrower sums aren’t often referenced for these, but should be expected
*You would need to reloan to access the sampled £200 with Morses

Last Update: August 8th, 2021.