Doorstep Loans Enfield (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Enfield (Borough), London

World's First ATM Enfield Borough


Our coverage of the 5th leading London boroughs by population ends here with Enfield that took the final spot. This location is bordered by Haringey, Waltham Forest and Barnet that we profiled in the leading position. With a population above 333,000, this is a sizeable area and it isn’t that far behind Ealing at 340k. For areas within, Enfield has almost 160k (there is confusingly “Enfield Town” within that itself has 15k). Edmonton is another town of note with over 82k residents. In history, this location is famed for the world’s first ATM, invented by John Shepherd-Barron. It was installed locally at a Barclays Bank branch on June 1967 and was opened by the local actor Reg Varney.

Doorstep Loans in Enfield (Borough), London

In order to identify coverage here, a fair few postcodes had to be checked over. The main postcode range runs on the EN code (6 of these). The town’s codes are EN1, EN2 and EN3. There are also several N codes and a single E code (E4). Once the entire range was analysed at Lenders Compared we were able to find 6 lender options. This included the major brands Loans at Home and Morses Club. Ealing Trading Company and Manor House Supplies also offered local coverage and the less recognisable appearances came from Cash Loans Direct and Get Loans. This turned out to be Get’s single appearance and they managed to offer the cheapest deal.


Doorstep Loans Ealing (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Ealing (Borough), London

Ealing Studios Ealing Borough


Famed as the “Queen of the Suburbs” due to it parks and tree-lined streets, the London Borough of Ealing sits West, surrounded by Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow. This is the 4th largest of the boroughs and is populated by around 340,000+. Key districts include Ealing (85k) and Southall (70k). There are a few towns of note including Acton and Northolt. Ealing Studios stands out for being a major centre of the UK film industry. Rooted to 1902, it’s the world’s oldest continuously working studio facility for production. There are many classics in the database. For modern creations, you may be familiar with Shaun of the Dead, The Descent and The Imitation Game.

Doorstep Loans in Ealing (Borough), London

To identify local coverage, we analysed Ealing’s postcode range that extends across 4 areas. Most of which are attached on the UB or W range. Single exterior codes included HA0 and NW10. Across the entire range of codes a total of 6 firms went on to appear on searches at Lenders Compared. The big hitters Loans at Home and Morses Club made their usual appearances. Then there was Ealing Trading Company who themselves have good coverage across the UK. Despite their name they are actually based in Watford. They were joined by the smaller firms Blackwell Finance, Burdett Trading Co and the final firm to spring up was Manor House Supplies.


Doorstep Loans Newham (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Newham (Borough), London

London Stadium Newham Borough


The London Borough of Newham is the 3rd highest populated of the boroughs (355k). This location sits in the East and is surrounded by 6 other boroughs. Significant local towns include Stratford, Forest Gate, Plaistow and Canning. There is between a 30k and 37k population in each. Whilst Stratford leads those, the district of East Ham has over 76k. West Ham in contrast is much smaller at 16k. This is however integral for West Ham United FC. They had played matches at Upton Park between 1904-2016, but now play from the London Stadium. This Stratford ground receives mixed press for its design, but for concerts can hold 80,000. Football is smaller, yet will soon be expanded to 66,000.

Doorstep Loans in Newham (Borough), London

Tower Hamlets is a bordered neighbour who has London’s highest poverty rate at 39%. Newham’s is linked (at 37%) in being the 31/32 boroughs or 32/33 inc City of LDN. With this in mind, plus the high population, it is clear that this location is surely a key target for doorstep lenders. The postcode searches to make here mostly covered the E (Eastern) postcode area (8 of these) and there is a single appearance for IG11. Moving to the results, we uncovered 7 lending options (tied for highest coverage with Croydon). This included Burdett Trading Co, Cash Loans Direct, Ealing Trading Company, Loans at Home, Manor House Supplies, Morses Club and Pinewood Finance Company.


Doorstep Loans Like Pinewood Finance Company ||

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Pinewood Finance Company Loans


Alexa Rank: ~ Unranked

Brand Name: Pinewood Finance Company ~ AKA: Pinewood Finance Co

Brand Owners: Pinewood Finance Company Ltd

FCA Licence: #702571 ~ approved to lend

Founding Year: 1980

Related Firms: Non


Contact (📧):

Contact (☎): 020 8530 4287

Full Address: 116 George Lane, South Woodford, London, E18 1AD

Opening Hours: Not disclosed


Doorstep Loans Like Get Loans

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Get Loans

Information (No Website)

Get Loans Ltd (often styled as G.E.T.) is an experienced doorstep lender that has been active since the year 1974. Surprisingly, when testing sector coverage across 66 locations across the UK this company would only make a single appearance and this was across Enfield (borough). This is however where they are based. Their address is PO Box 496, Enfield, EN2 6ZF. There is also 22a Essex Road under the differing postcode of EN2 6TZ. This firm is approved to lend under the reference number of #692680. To note the product specs as shown on their Lenders Compared listing, they pitched loan amounts of £50 to £500. There was 3 repayment options that included 20, 30 and 40 weeks.

The prices when accessing £200 for these options ran as £80 (20w), £100 (30w) and £120 (40w). There was no added contacts listed here, but back on their FCA page they display the phone number of 020 8363 8927 that was also identified on a 192 directory search. The email contact listed was From viewing this, we wondered if the site of was used, but it wasn’t. It was surprising that they haven’t added this, as well as perhaps expanding further across London. This would surely make sense for a company that has been around since the early 70s. Local competition where they do operate is competitive as well, with 5 Enfield doorstep loan rivals.


Doorstep Loans Like Cash Loans Direct

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Cash Loans Direct Loans

Information (No Website)

Cash Loans Direct is a doorstep lender that we uncovered across borough searches of both Enfield and Newham. When we expanded to search this firm via the FCA they were newly registered as D.Romm with supporting trading names of the main one in focus, alongside Heron Finance and Quick Cash Loans. They are qualified to lend under the licence number of #708238. The noted D.Romm identity refers to Darryl Romm who appears to be the company owner. As far as their Lenders Compared (LC) listing goes, the listed address here was: 7 Park Court, 97 The Ridgeway, E4 6TW (Chingford). We were only concerned with the leading 5 boroughs, but they do for reference cover locally across Waltham Forest.

From running a few LC searches, the selectable loan range sat between £100 and £500 whilst the repayment period was either 15 weeks or a little shorter at 3 months. Either way, the same charge was imposed at £100 on a £200 sum borrowed. There was a small note that no late payment fees are charged, but no such contact details were listed here. There was however contacts on the FCA page that included the phone number of 020 3754 6092 alongside the email of We couldn’t spot any such directory listings and so it is unclear just how they have been attracting or collecting any leads for their service.


Doorstep Loans Croydon (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Croydon (Borough), London

Selhurst Park Stadium Croydon Borough


The London Borough of Croydon is situated in south London sitting in-between Bromley and Sutton. Croydon’s population is the 2nd highest at 388k, edged out by Barnet’s 399k. There is then quite a drop to 3rd placed Newham at 355k. This borough is named after the historic town of Croydon that makes up around 50% of the population. The Thornton Heath district is also of note at 65k alongside Coulsdon town at 25k. Croydon’s area is well known as being a retail hub, but more so for Crystal Palace who have played at Selhurst Park in the suburb of Selhurst since 1924. This is one of the lowest attendance Premier League stadiums holding approx 26,000 (ranks 17th/20th).

Doorstep Loans in Croydon (Borough), London

This is the 2nd largest borough, but of the leading 5, Croydon’s poverty rate is the lowest of the bunch at 22%. With this in mind, it was unclear just what results we would see when conducting searches through Lenders Compared for coverage. There was a few postcodes to study to unveil local providers. Most of which run across the CR code range and then there was single code appearances for BR, SE and SW. Once searched the number of active firms to appear stood at 7. This included Burdett Trading, Ealing Trading, Loans at Home, Manor House, Morses, Murdons and Owen Roy Pickering. This ties them with Newham (at 7) for joint highest of the leading 5 boroughs.


Doorstep Loans Barnet (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Barnet (Borough), London

McDonald's HQ Barnet Borough


The London Borough of Barnet is the most highly populated of the 32 London boroughs. The population stands at 399,000+ vs Croydon’s 388,000+. The area in focus sits north surrounded by Enfield and Harrow. For settlements within, the same named Barnet has been a market town since the 13th century. Barnet’s population at 48k is smaller than Edgware at 76k. Outside of these towns, Finchley is a notable large district at 65k. Within it there is East Finchley that stands out for being the UK home of McDonald’s. This is the world’s largest restaurant chain with close to 39,000 restaurants. There are 1270 outlets across the UK that began with a 1974 debut opening in Woolwich.

Doorstep Loans in Barnet (Borough), London

This borough’s postcode range spans across 4 areas (EN, N, NW, HA), although most cover N and NW. In total there was 16 codes that were entered to unveil prices on Lenders Compared. The result of the searches saw just 4 firms appear that included Ealing Trading Company, Loans at Home, Manor House Supplies and Morses Club. More options were expected since this is the #1 populated borough. The other 4 leading locations had between 6 and 7 lender options each time that proves that coverage is limited. It is the case that Barnet’s poverty rate was the 2nd lowest of the 5 at 23%, but then and again Croydon was lowest at 22% and this produced 7 results.


Doorstep Loans Like Manor House Supplies

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Manor House Supplies Loans

Information (No Website)

Manor House Supplies Ltd is a doorstep loan provider active across London. Their Limited company was setup back in 2012 and so they’ve been around for close to a decade. In testing, they appeared in each of the top 5 boroughs and also once in an outside region (East of England). This makes sense as they had historically had an office in Grays, Essex. They are today based near the town of Woodford in Redbridge. This firm’s full address is: 135a High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2PA. They are qualified to lend money under the reference number of #704274. Manor’s Lenders Compared page showcased a cash range of £50 up to £1900.

A first time customer restriction would be expected, but nothing was specifically noted. There was 3 term options listed that included 14, 20 and 28 weeks. The Manor House loan charges per £200 were £80 (14w), £100 (20w) and £130 (28w). Outside if this, few details were presented. For contacts, there was a number on their FCA page, but the alternative phone line of 020 8529 5967 is advised. This was listed across several loans directories on Google. An email contact of was listed that should be fine. Overall, this is a firm with excellent coverage across their region. It is surprising with this in mind that they haven’t created even a basic site to collect leads.


Doorstep Loans Like Murdons

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Murdons Loans

Information (No Website)

Murdons loans sprang up on a single comparison search under the London Borough of Croydon. They didn’t appear in any of the other leading London locations. It was quite strange that they didn’t appear in the Crawley search for West Sussex, South East. This would have been expected as they are based in this town. Their listed address is 10 Southgate Road, Southgate, RH10 6BL. Taking the details from their Lenders Compared listing, the amounts available ranged from £100 to £500. A single repayment example was presented although this was available under 3 forms. This included 16 weeks, 4 months and 8 fortnights. Each choice triggered a £120 charge on a £200 sum borrowed.

Other than the address, amounts and single noted term, no contact details were found on the listing. The only other thing noted on this page was that no late payment fees are imposed. They don’t of course have a site and weren’t even seen listed on any directories. The extra bits of information were taken from their FCA page where they are licensed under #697598. Here there was a mobile number of 07799693102 alongside an email contact of Sending an email here may be the best way to proceed if you do live within the Croydon area. This is certainly a competitive location to target, with our research identifying 7 local doorstep firms.


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