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Girls Drive Better Car Insurance

Girls Drive Better was launched back in late 2012. As was the case with similar firms, the decision to form here was based on the ECJ ruling that inspired them to find new ways to reward women drivers who saw big policy increases after the ruling. The owner is Policywise Ltd who are based in Oakham that sits between Leicester and Peterborough. They trade through this brand and Policywise that are similarly matched on popularity, whilst Get Points isn’t well known. There isn’t much information to digest from GDBetter’s site. Product info is lacking and there are no external reviews. Their terms page also heads to an empty page.

They offer both standard and telematics options. The latter is supplied by Octo Telematics. There is no such login in place, with your driving performance measured through their app. A range of undisclosed insurers are used by the owner. With the policy, free legal expenses is the main promoted benefit (this covers £100k of protection), but there are many add-ons that cost extra. This ranges from key, misfuelling, personal accident, windscreen etc. With so many add-ons their more stropped down policy quotes would likely perform well on price comparison searches. They are to our knowledge only listed on Compare the Market although this is the most active portal.


Girl Motor Car Insurance | Sites Like www.girlmotor.com

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Girl Motor Car Insurance

Girl Motor is one of many brands arising from Key Topco Ltd. This is the main holding company that has 2 retail divisions of Complete Cover Group Ltd (was A&A) and Hyperformance Ltd. The first is the core operation and then Hyperformance includes several trading names (including their own). Outside of those divisions they also have Mulsanne that deals with internal Group underwriting. For most of their history they have operated as a broker for such brands as AXA, Aviva and Zurich. This history is a rich one dating back to 1968. The featured project was formed in 2000 and it is assigned to the Hyperformance division.

The owner has always targeted high risk drivers and so that’s why you’ll see such frequent targeting for convicted and young drivers, those with modifications etc. This is not a Defaqto rated policy and there is no accessible data on what features are fitted to the policy. There would surely be some specialised add-ons that women would find appealing. The Group’s Mulsanne Insurance Company will come in for underwriting, although they as noted may often look to other insurers. The GM site is now Alexa unranked that wasn’t always the case. Not being fetched on comparison searches won’t be helping. The flagship Complete Car Cover benefits greatly from such portals.


Drive Like a Girl Car Insurance | Sites Like www.drivelikeagirl.com

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Drive Like a Girl Car Insurance

Drive Like a Girl was launched back in 2013 in response to the ECJ gender ruling of late 2012. This ruling forced all insurers to not discriminate on pricing even though women are statistically safer drivers. This firm wanted to address this difference in rewarding safer driving through their black box product. This is a supporting brand to InsureTheBox that was founded by Mike Brockman. Both projects are today owned by Japan’s MS&AD who generate close to $50 billion in revenue each year. They underwrite these policies under the Aioi Nissay Down Insurance Company of Europe subsidiary. They impressively do the same for the Tesco Bank Box product.

This 3 star Defaqto rated telematics policy is targeted at young women aged between 17 to 25, although age and gender rules aren’t fixed. Mileage based cover is available up to 7000 miles with no curfews or fines. £250 handbag and misfuelling cover is included as well as other perks. Driving safely will earn up to 100 Reward Points each month that can be exchanged for retail vouchers or top-up miles. The pocket-sized black box is notably built in-house. Instalments are available via Premium Credit Ltd. For comparison searches, we are aware that they are listed on Confused. It isn’t clear with the others. InsureTheBox is listed on all 4.


Its4Women Car Insurance | Sites Like www.its4women.ie

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Its4Women Car Insurance

MCL InsureTech primarily operates as an insurance broker whilst they also extend to provide IT solutions. They are based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, yet have made most of their gains in Ireland particularly through this brand in focus, 25Plus (over 25s) and BoxyMo (telematics). Its4Women has been in business since 2009. More recently in early 2019 the owner launched www.its4women.co.uk as a supporting location. This strictly covers NI and not the entire UK. Car, home and travel products are pitched. For motoring their policies are underwritten by AIG Europe S.A. The same insurer is partnered in NI, but under the American International Group UK Ltd subsidiary.

The NI division has a 1 star Defaqto rating (standard & Xtra), but Ireland’s insurers aren’t covered. We profiled this broker after seeing them take the 2nd highest ranking across women’s car insurance brands, sitting in between 1) Sheilas’ Wheels and 2) Diamond. The IE rank was competitive, but the NI site was unranked, although they are newly formed. Whilst they target women drivers, the policy isn’t geared towards this audience. Their cover summary just highlights standard features like accident management, guaranteed repair work, medical expenses, personal accident benefits etc. There is no such way to compare their quotes on comparison searches and so we’ll reference alternative Irish solutions below.


Go Girl Car Insurance | Sites Like www.gogirl.co.uk

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Go Girl Car Insurance

Sabre’s history dates back to the year 1982 and for a time they had been under the control of one of the UK’s leading insurers. They were acquired in 1996 by General Accident who through merges would eventually become Aviva although the GA brand has been revived again. Aviva opted to sell off Sabre who have been a successful underwriter partnered by many brokers. They are for instance one of the insurer’s found on Tesco Bank’s panel. Then they also have direct market brands that began with Insure 2 Drive in November 2010 and in November 2011 Good Girl followed that would become Go Girl (in 2014).

Drive Smart was Sabre’s telematics offering, but they have cut off applications to new customers there and so that appears to be set for full closure. Only car insurance is available through this insurer. Go Girl’s policy is today 3 star Defaqto rated. This policy is packaged well including a free courtesy car and legal cover. The women’s touch is supported by handbag cover (for £200) and child car seat coverage. It’s easy to compare Go’s prices as they are listed on all of the 4 major comparison sites. This is where they are competing with the leading women’s insurance brands Diamond and Sheilas’ Wheels for your business.


Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance | Sites Like www.sheilaswheels.com

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Sheilas' Wheels Car Insurance

Peter Wood formed Direct Line (besides Martin Long) that would go to become one of the UK’s leading insurers. Mr Wood would prove his industry credentials further in 2000 through the formation of the successful Esure business. Sheilas’ Wheels would follow in 2005. In late 2011 the Esure/Sheilas Broker projects were unveiled. These were able to extend to more riskier customers (younger drivers, performance cars etc). However, the Group recently announced that these Broker additions will soon be pulled from the market. This is also the case for the Model Driver telematics product. The core products will live on that are all underwritten internally by Esure Insurance Ltd.

TV advertising helped the Sheila brand to gain a slice of the women’s car insurance market quickly and they are today the most popular dedicated insurer in this niche. There is always lots of lashings of pink from their ads to their website and they have packaged their policy with key features like handbag cover up to £300, family friendly garages and a counselling service. Quality is sealed with a 5 star Defaqto rating. There is a multi-car option providing a discount for drivers aged over 25 at the same address. Outside of motoring they extend to home and travel. You’ll find their quotes on top comparison sites.


Diamond Car Insurance | Sites Like www.diamond.co.uk

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Diamond Car Insurance

Admiral’s Diamond insurance brand was launched in the summer of 1997. Online quotes have been taken since 2000. This was a significant year for the Group noting the additional arrival of Elephant. Diamond’s key focus has been directed at women’s car insurance. They were the first insurer to do this and in time they’ve extended to other forms of cover including breakdown, home, landlord, travel and van. There is also a multi-car option in place. TV advertising has played a key role in their growth over time. Plenty of business naturally flows in from price comparison sites that is the case across all of the Group’s projects.

Their motor policy has earned itself a 5 star Defaqto rating. It’s well designed with women in mind noting such features as handbag cover (£300) and child seat cover (again £300). On the pricing side, they promote that customers could save £239 that is based on a study of what 10% of buyers achieved. Diamond’s main competitor in the niche is Esure’s Sheilas’ Wheels. In contrast, they promote that 50% of new Sheilas paid £315 or less. Both of these policies are directly underwritten with 5 stars and each are of course found on comparison searches that’s ideal for benchmarking the pair against other based on your personal quote.