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Blackwell Finance (aka Henryk Pawel Cynian) was identified in our comparison searches once each time across 3 different regions. These included Ealing (Greater London: London), Slough (Berkshire: South East) and Watford (Hertfordshire: East of England). This reach sounds impressive, but there is only a 30 to 40 minute drive between locations. The company itself is based within the Ealing borough and their full address is: 585 Greenford Road, Greenford, UB6 8QJ. This firm is approved to lend on the reference number of #696132. On the FCA page the owner’s name of Henryk Pawel Cynian is now used (sole trader), but they are otherwise known as Blackwell Finance and this is how they are listed on Lenders Compared (LC).

There is no such site where you can apply. Those that live in the served areas can query about availability on the phone number of 020 8575 9863 or email contact of The loan sum range on the LC listings was £100 only to first time borrowers whilst existing customers can access £1000 max. A range of costs were provided for £200 (reloans only) that included weekly: £100 (15w & 20w), £110 (25w) & £130 (30w). Monthly options were also presented at £100 (4m), £124 (6m) & £144 (8m). A notice on fees referenced £10 for letters/notices and £15 for a recalled standing order. This suggests that you can pay without the need for home collections.

– Doorstep lender with no site. Use contact details to ask about a loan
– Listed based on inclusion on Lenders Compared where we analysed 66 locations
– Product details may differ since they are based on details from external sources

Last Update: September 5th, 2021.

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