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Doorstep Loans Croydon (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Croydon (Borough), London

Crystal Palace Stadium Croydon Borough


The London Borough of Croydon is situated in south London sitting in-between Bromley and Sutton. Croydon’s population is the 2nd highest at 388k, edged out by Barnet’s 399k. There is then quite a drop to 3rd placed Newham at 355k. This borough is named after the historic town of Croydon that makes up around 50% of the population. The Thornton Heath district is also of note at 65k alongside Coulsdon town at 25k. Croydon’s area is well known as being a retail hub, but more so for Crystal Palace who have played at Selhurst Park in the suburb of Selhurst since 1924. This is one of the lowest attendance Premier League stadiums holding approx 26,000 (ranks 17th/20th).

Doorstep Loans in Croydon (Borough), London

This is the 2nd largest borough, but of the leading 5, Croydon’s poverty rate is the lowest of the bunch at 22%. With this in mind, it was unclear just what results we would see when conducting searches through Lenders Compared for coverage. There was a few postcodes to study to unveil local providers. Most of which run across the CR code range and then there was single code appearances for BR, SE and SW. Once searched the number of active firms to appear stood at 7. This included Burdett Trading, Ealing Trading, Loans at Home, Manor House, Morses, Murdons and Owen Roy Pickering. This ties them with Newham (at 7) for joint highest of the leading 5 boroughs.


Doorstep Loans Barnet (Borough), London

🚪 Doorstep Loans Barnet (Borough), London

McDonald's HQ Barnet Borough


The London Borough of Barnet is the most highly populated of the 32 London boroughs. The population stands at 399,000+ vs Croydon’s 388,000+. The area in focus sits north surrounded by Enfield and Harrow. For settlements within, the same named Barnet has been a market town since the 13th century. Barnet’s population at 48k is smaller than Edgware at 76k. Outside of these towns, Finchley is a notable large district at 65k. Within it there is East Finchley that stands out for being the UK home of McDonald’s. This is the world’s largest restaurant chain with close to 39,000 restaurants. There are 1270 outlets across the UK that began with a 1974 debut opening in Woolwich.

Doorstep Loans in Barnet (Borough), London

This borough’s postcode range spans across 4 areas (EN, N, NW, HA), although most cover N and NW. In total there was 16 codes that were entered to unveil prices on Lenders Compared. The result of the searches saw just 4 firms appear that included Ealing Trading Company, Loans at Home, Manor House Supplies and Morses Club. More options were expected since this is the #1 populated borough. The other 4 leading locations had between 6 and 7 lender options each time that proves that coverage is limited. It is the case that Barnet’s poverty rate was the 2nd lowest of the 5 at 23%, but then and again Croydon was lowest at 22% and this produced 7 results.


Doorstep Loans Like Manor House Supplies

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Manor House Supplies Loans

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Manor House Supplies Ltd is a doorstep loan provider active across London. Their Limited company was setup back in 2012 and so they’ve been around for close to a decade. In testing, they appeared in each of the top 5 boroughs and also once in an outside region (East of England). This makes sense as they had historically had an office in Grays, Essex. They are today based in the town of Woodford (in Redbridge). This firm’s full address is: 135a High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2PA. They are qualified to lend money under the reference number of #704274. Manor’s Lenders Compared page showcased a cash range of £50 up to £1900.

A first time customer restriction would be expected, but nothing was specifically noted. There was 3 term options listed that included 14, 20 and 28 weeks. The Manor House loan charges per £200 were £80 (14w), £100 (20w) and £130 (28w). Outside if this, few details were presented. For contacts, there was a number on their FCA page, but the alternative phone line of 020 8529 5967 is advised. This was listed across several loans directories on Google. An email contact of was listed that should be fine. Overall, this is a firm with excellent coverage across their region. It is surprising with this in mind that they haven’t created even a basic site to collect leads.